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    12Hi, my name is Chris Hawkins and I'd like to tell you how I got here. My first introduction to chiropractic came in early high school, while suffering from severe neck pain. After a series of adjustments I was back feeling like my old self again. I thought that was pretty awesome, but didn't think chiropractic was for me, I was going to be a physical therapist or a medical doctor. During my junior season of basketball at Albion College, I suffered another injury that led me to where I am today. I had some lower back pain, but nothing that was unbearable. However, I lost muscle function in my left leg, and ever hard step forward I took nearly made me fall on my face. I was sent to the team doctor where I was x-rayed and medicated. The physician prescribed Vioxx (which was later pulled of the market for causing heart attacks) which I took sparingly at the time with no results. I made a trip back to see my hometown chiropractor, who explained to me that the last vertebra in my spine had moved out of position and was pressuring a nerve - the nerve that controls muscle function to the legs. Two adjustments later I was back at practice getting ready for the next game!

    After graduating from Albion College, I was off to Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I showed up to school with the understanding that Chiropractic would help people in pain get better. Wow was that shortsighted! While under regular chiropractic care, I saw my chronic sinus infections go away, and am happy to share I have not had a single prescription or painkiller since 2004. When the interference between the brain and body are removed, the healing potential from our bodies is truly amazing!

    I graduated from Sherman College in the spring of 2007, and moved back to Lansing, MI. While in Lansing I worked as an associate, got married, moved to Lowell, MI, and started a practice in about a busy first year. My wife and I wanted to move to the Grand Rapids area, and immediately fell in love with Rockford, where we live now. We have two sons, Leland (11) and Gavin(9) and a daughter, Violet (5). I have been at this office for 14 years, and feel truly blessed to serve the people in our community.

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